Having over indulged with rich foods, alcohol and late nights throughout the festive season here are some tips from Cienté’s in-salon Trichologist Trisha Buller.

Our hair is a barometer of what is going on in our bodies. Generally it takes around three months for our bodies to reflect through our hair any stress, or nutrition deficiency.

So when you embark on the detox post xmas please ensure you are still careful to eat a balanced diet, drink plenty of water, but not so much you are flushing through the goodness from your diet, without it having the opportunity to be absorbed in to the gut then into the blood, which then delivers to your organs, and what ever is left to your hair.

Use a good PH balanced cleansing shampoo (Redken cleansing creme shampoo or Alternas clarifying shampoo) once a week to help remove build up of toxins excreted from your body through to your hair.

Philip Kinsgley hair elasticizer is excellent, as it contains sulphur which is one of the essential amino acids we need for healthy hair growth. Apply to damp hair once a week, leave for up to 30 mins whilst you relax in a hot bath, and then shampoo out with appropriate shampoo and condition.

Always condition your hair, as this helps to smooth the outside layer of your hair, (cuticle) thus protecting the inner structure (the cortex) whch gives your hair shine and body or sleekness. Depending on which finish look you like , choose the correct conditioner accordingly.

Always ask your stylist for information and guidance on the correct product to use for your hair type, in order to ensure optimum results.

Using the correct styling products is essential for your hair to create hold, body and longevity of style.

Toxins in the body are sometimes a result from less nutritious foods, drugs, smoking, excess alcohol, environmental pollution (including mobile phones and computer screens), food additives, pesticides and herbicides. Tthese are termed as free radicals, and unless they are removed they can become detrimental to the body’s metabolism.

A healthy diet can deal with these by the effects of anti-oxidants found in a range of nutritious foods consumed.

Anti-oxidants are found in the following:

Vitamin A = fresh fruit and vegetables
Vitamin C = Bioflavonoid,
Vitamin E = Selenium, herbs, zinc, green tea, and red wine!! see its not all bad!!!

Always consult your GP prior to nutritional supplements, as an excess of some or interaction between supplements and foods and medicines may produce serious side effects.

Acknowledgements are to:
Trisha Buller AIT
The Institute of Trichologist
Mr Michael Landon MIT

Trisha Buller is available for private and confidential consultations on 01442 877273.

Consultation from £75.00 per hour
Hair and scalp treatments from £35.00 per treatment

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