Having over indulged with rich foods, alcohol and late nights throughout the festive season here are some tips from Cienté’s in-salon Trichologist Trisha Buller.


This type of hair loss is caused by hairdressing damage and other traumas involving chemicals, heat or physical trauma. Often the sufferer is unaware of the causative factors. If treated before the scalp is damaged, hair will regrow.

More and more cases of diffuse hair loss in women are attributable to iron deficiency. This is more probably common among vegetarians and those with eating disorders. It is not always appreciated that iron deficiency can occur even not a patient is not clinically anaemic and has normal haemoglobin levels. As with thyroid problems, with which the symptoms of iron deficiency can be confused, a blood test is essential to correct diagnosis. No diffuse alopecia (thinning of the hair) should ever be ignored. It can be an early manifestation of several underlying conditions.

Hair problems including decreased manageability may rarely be one of the first signs of thyroid undersecretion. The hair loss, if any, will be diffuse, and the condition can therefore be confused with several other conditions, including androgenetic alopecia in women. Expert trichological or medical advice is essential; but, providing early treatment is initiated, full recovery of the hair should occur. Correct diagnosis will require blood tests.

Alopecia is a blanket term for hair loss of any kind. There are many types and causes of hair loss (alopecia), most of which can be effectively treated. Hair loss may be genetically inherited, or it may be caused by a variety of other factors including protein or other dietary deficiency, hormonal imbalance, and stress. Hair loss can also be the first sign of an otherwise undiagnosed or undetected underlying illness.

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